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The Second Sex


Iran is a country where half of its population are deprived of their rights, while being unable to follow their interests without being judged, subjected to every kind of discrimination and violence as well as being joked. They can’t even choose their own clothing and are considered second-degree citizens throughout society. All of these, are only a part of the daily problems faced by Iranian women for a long time.
Nowadays, women’s rights are neglected in many countries, especially the countries located in the Middle East. The society of Iran is no exception to this fact however some of its women emphasize realizing their social rights as well as believing in making progress and equality. Although Iranian women are constantly facing pressures inflicted by social and political movements, various layers of oppression, gender discrimination, cultural suffocation, and all kinds of violence, still every day you can see them trying to prove and realize their rights. In this regard, several social movements have been formed in Iran during the past few decades focusing on realizing their rights. Some women have been able to prove their competence by overcoming discrimination and oppression. While trying to realize their rights, they have tried to change or reform certain social rules by criticizing them. Still, most Iranian women are still deprived of their most basic rights and still have a long way until they can have rights equal to men in their society, and the society is still treating them as if they do not even exist. 

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