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The earth is one of the marvels of creation, and the way man dominates his long-held dream, which is dominant in nature was flattened a lot. The earth, water, air, and human are the interconnected arms of life, that must be kept in balance and harmony, and disruption of one of these arms will disrupt all of the life philosophy frames on the earth. Our earth is not well, its breathing is very low, Its beauty is stolen, nowadays, It is in a coma today, but she is alive; but it is in its last breathes but we are just watching this gradual death; It's like we believe and thinks that there is another planet after destroying this big ball, to move to there. It is almost several decades since the alarm bells of the earth have rung, and the environmental crisis turns into a serious and thinkable issue now, that is a result of the interference and absurd utilization of nature, and disruption of the harmony of the system of nature that rules the earth. Nowadays, by increasing the population, garbage has also increased. The world produces 2.01 billion tons of waste annually so there is a residuum in all places of this earth as a trace; which this has turned the garbage crisis into a phenomenon, and there is a risk of humans destroying the earth, its habitat, and cultivable. With the emergence of diseases such as coronavirus and new dimensions of human life, if we are not on earth tomorrow, do we ask ourselves what effect and trace have we left on the earth? 

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