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I'm a self-educated photographer, visual storyteller, video journalist, and LGBTQ+ activist based in Germany. When I was a teenager I started photography by taking family pictures. In 2016, I started working as a photographer for a local news agency called DiyarMirza which led me to work with the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) in 2017. Since then I worked as a photo editor, assistant photo editor, staff photographer, and freelance photographer for national and international news agencies.


Since then I have covered stories about LGBTQ+ issues in the MENA region, presidential elections, natural disasters over the region, human rights issues, protests in Iran, and many others and got published in publications such as Zite, The Atlantic, Corriere Della Sera Sette, FT Weekend, GEO, Daily Mirror, Handelsblatt, Sunday People, DW, ZDF and etc. Over the years, my focus shifted away from journalistic photography to documentary photography and now as a photographer, I explore social questions and human rights especially LGBTQ+ rights in the Middle East. I am a member of Diversify Photo and Native Agency.

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