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Iran - Turkey - Germany

Although queers exist in Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran has denied their existence for over 40 years. Queer individuals in Iran face the risk of execution, systematic suppression, discrimination, family rejection, and judicial problems because of their sexual orientation. With all these challenges, queers are either forced to flee or try to survive, but they continue to live with hope for a better future, especially with the start of the "Women, Life, Freedom" movement that has brought the idea of freedom closer than ever before.

"Queer, Life, Freedom" tells the story of Ashkan Shabani's journey, an Iranian photographer and member of the LGBTQI+ community who was disowned by his family and threatened with rape and death, and sentenced to the death penalty for being gay, fled Iran to Turkey where he also was faced with systematic suppression and discrimination and now seeking freedom and safety in Germany living inside a refugee camp. But despite the challenges he has faced in either Iran, Turkey, or Germany, Ashkan is determined to survive and fight the injustice for a better future and hopes for the day, he can return to a free Iran and live openly as a free person.

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