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We are living in a world in which 69 countries currently criminalize consensual, same-sex sexual activity, with a possible death penalty in 11, Iran is one of these countries where same-sex sexual activity is punished by the death penalty. Iranian queers are facing many problems, everyday existence is difficult for them. They live in a society whose homophobia and heterosexism render them "invisible." They suffer silently through personal trauma and societal conflicts; signs of their gender identities are often met by shunning, mocking, and bullying. They have had no easy access to the essential information they need to make sense of their anxieties and desperations. They are living with systematic suppression, discrimination, family rejection, and judicial problems, living their lives in fear every day. Still, they have hopes that one day they can reach their dreams, that there will be no persecution, death penalties, politicians and people change their minds, have equal rights as others, and live freely.
"That's My Dream" is asking Iranian queers about their dreams for the future, it uses anonymous generated pictures, with the help of an AI, an online text-to-image generator, and interviews. The generated pictures are used to protect the identities of interviewed individuals and to invite viewers into the dreams of Irani-an queers for the future, a future with a robust political culture that addresses the systemic roots of oppression affecting the people.

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