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The existence of gay men is undeniable in Iran but for over 40 years the Islamic Republic of Iran has denied their existence in the country. In Iran, gays risk execution for their sexual orientation, and the publics' mindset is completely closed to same-sex relationships. Everyday existence is difficult. In post-revolutionary Iran, any type of sexual activity outside a heterosexual marriage is forbidden and the gay sex is punishable by death based on the laws of Sharia. As a result, gay men and women live with systematic suppression, discrimination, family rejection, and judicial problems. They live their lives in fear every day. The idea of freedom still seems remote.


Love, Fear, Freedom follows the story of Ashkan Shabani, an Iranian photographer and member of the LGBTQ+ community himself. After his family found out about his sexual orientation, Askhan was disowned and threatened with rape and death. Ashkan had to escape Iran and leave his partner Eli for his welfare. Now in a safer place, Ashkan was able to reveal a world unknown to many – sharing the actual trauma of the harrowing experience he and his partner have been through.

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